Parks Tour


On Saturday, February 12, the committee took a tour of these District parks and facilities. We'd like to share this tour with you because it gave us a great overview of the types of parks we could plan for our area.

We will shortly provide a map to help you take the tour, and a take-along checklist so you can make notes to help you remember the features you like.

  1. Commonwealth Lake Park
  2. Conetoga Recreation/Aquatic Center
  3. Fanno Farm House
  4. Eichler Park
  5. Beaverton Powerline Trail Corridor
  6. Nature Park parking lot (wetland mitigation area)
  7. Waterhouse Powerline Trail Corridor
  8. Willow Creek Nature Park

Park Tour Map

Park Tour Checklist

The park tour map is large, please be patient!



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