THPRD Park Tour Checklist

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Park Name I liked: I didn't like:

Commonwealth Lake Park

SW Huntington Avenue
SW Butner Road
SW Foothills Drive






Recreation/Aquatic Center

9985 SW 125th Avenue
SW Conestoga Drive






Fanno Farm House

SW Hall Boulevard along
SW Bel-Aire Drive to
SW Denney Road






Eichler Park

SW Farmington Road
SW Menlo Drive





Beaverton Powerline
Trail Corridor






Nature Park parking lot (wetland mitigation area)

15655 SW Millikan Boulevard
N of SW Tualatin Valley (TV) Hwy






Waterhouse Powerline
Trail Corridor

NW Blueridge Drive N of SW Walker Road






Willow Creek Nature Park

SW 161st Place
SW Waterhouse Avenue
NW Jeffrey Place
NW Eastmoreland Court






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