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Volume 5, Issue 8


August 2007

CMBA Meeting Notes
Laws, ads and taxes
By Virginia Bruce

Bill Rawson, Cedar Mill Business Association Board President, presented the final design for the banners that will be installed along Cornell. Portland Vital Signs will be fabricating the banners for us. Owner Nick Olson is a lifelong Cedar Mill resident and also the son of Cedar Mill History co-author Nancy Olson. The Board has decided to pay for the banners rather than trying to get business sponsorship. The banners are being offered at a substantial discount by Portland Vital Signs.

State Representative Mitch Greenlick joined us to offer a summary of the recently concluded session of the Oregon legislature. He discussed health care, annexation, and the Measure 37 “fix” that will be presented to voters in the fall, Measure 49.

Jim Bixler, our ad rep for the Oregonian, once again joined us to explain the Cedar Mill group ad that is available to Cedar Mill businesses. The ad will run twice a month in both the Washington County Weekly supplement and in the FoodDay free mailer that goes out on Tuesdays. Rates for this special ad are substantially lower than individual ads would be. Call Jim at (503) 221-8355 for more information.

April Gutierrez gives tax information to a surprisingly large group attending the July CMBA meeting

The main program for July was a presentation on,“Tax Education for Small Business Owners” by April Gutierrez, Managing Partner of Pacific Northwest Tax Service. She gave everyone an information-packed booklet covering topics such as business organization structures (Sole Proprietor, LLC, corporation) and how they impact your taxes; record keeping, business expenses and what is deductible, home office issues, and self-employment taxes.

There will be no August meeting. Instead, members are invited to bring along printed material and help man the CMBA booth at the Cedar Mill Park concert on August 9. If you want to participate, contact Virginia Bruce , 503-629-5799.



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