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August 2006

Bike advice and more at the Market

By Kat Iverson, Treasurer, Washington County Bicycle Transportation Coalition

A BTC volunteer helps would-be bicycle commuters plot a safe route

Farmers on bicycles? Maybe not, but there are bicycles at the Farmers’ Market. The Washington County Bicycle Transportation Coalition (WashCo BTC, or if you’re really in a hurry, BTC) has a booth at the Cedar Mill Farmers’ Market.

In 2000 we started as a chapter of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. Last year we applied for independent, 501c(3) non-profit status, and we recently received the official IRS recognition. We are dedicated to promoting bicycle transportation, education, and advocacy; protecting bicyclists’ rights; and improving bicycling conditions throughout Washington County.

Andrew Eickelberg has a new helmet fitted at the BTC booth

We teach bicyclists the skills needed to ride in traffic, and we work with the county to improve the roadway infrastructure for bicyclists. We contributed to a recent improvement in Cedar Mill when two of us met with a technician at the corner of Thompson and Saltzman, where bicyclists had trouble being detected by the traffic signal. We rode every which way through the intersection while the technician adjusted the video detectors. Now bicyclists should be able to get green lights at that intersection.

Last year we were looking for a venue to show our presence, become better known in the community, provide a service, and make some money. We applied for booth space at some farmers’ markets, and Dina Gross at the Cedar Mill Farmers’ Market was glad to have us. This is our second year there, providing bicycle safety checks and selling helmets, maps, and a medical information form to put inside helmets (in case of emergency). We also distribute several free maps published by ODOT and the Washington County Visitors’ Bureau. Stop by for any of these or for a chat with bicyclists. We may be able to help with route suggestions, or other advice. Even if you’re not a bicyclist, you’re welcome to stop by and learn why bicyclists behave the way we do.

We hold regular monthly meetings at the Elsie Stuhr Center in Beaverton. See our web site at, or call 503-516-6733 for more information about our meetings and classes.


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