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Volume 4, Issue 7


July 2006

Cornell Speed zone to change at Sunset High

During the recent legislative session, the school zone speed law was changed again. People had been complaining about the 20-miles-per-hour 24/7 law, and so now there will be three separate speed limit configurations: School Zone 20 mph when children are present; School Zone 20 mph when lights are flashing; and School Zone 20 mph on School Days 7 am – 5 pm.

The stretch of Cornell adjacent to Sunset High School falls into the latter configuration. The new signs have just been installed. The speed limit outside school hours will be 30 mph, and will be 20 mph between 7 am and 5 pm on school days.

Beaverton annexed this section of Cornell several years ago, and so it’s the Beaverton Police Department that enforces the law. This stretch of road was the source of many photo-radar tickets as motorists learned to adapt to the 24/7 limit. Things should be a little better now that the 20 mph limit is only in force during school hours and days.

Be careful driving along there anyway – I witnessed a frightening accident when a student crossed Cornell (not in the crosswalk) and was struck by a motorist who pulled into the left-turn lane and didn’t see her. The girl recovered from cracked ribs and facial contusions, and hopefully now uses the crosswalk!


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