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Volume 6, Issue 5


May 2008

What’s with all the straw?

Murray/Cornell property ready for lease

For more than 15 years, residents of Cedar Mill have driven by a fenced-off, vacant lot at the corner of Northwest Cornell and Murray. According to property owner Richard Meyers, the space may soon be in development.

“There was contamination on the corner property from a previous gas station,” Meyers said. “The contaminated dirt was removed and replaced with clean dirt about five years ago, and now DEQ has given me a ‘No Further Action’ letter that gives the go-ahead to develop.”

Residents have seen a bit of site remediation lately, as ConocoPhillips, which previously leased the land, worked to fill the underground spaces created when the gas tanks were removed.

Meyers, a resident of Orondo, Washington, says he has owned the 30,000-square-foot property for 35 years. It previously was home to a restaurant and gas station. The property is zoned transit commercial, and Meyers says he’d like to lease it again.

“I’ve also donated 30 feet of the property to the county for the road-widening project at Murray and Cornell,” Meyers said. For more information, contact Meyers at 509-784-2783.




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