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Volume 6, Issue 4


April 2008

Adopt-a-Landscape Blooms

Under the umbrella of Washington County’s Adopt-a-Road program, volunteer groups can now adopt roadway landscaping. Adopt-a-Landscape is an opportunity for citizens and the county to work together to solve a community problem. And it's a way for environmentally conscious citizens to make a personal commitment to a cleaner and more beautiful environment.

Volunteer groups—service organizations, businesses, churches, families, neighborhood and community groups—can select a landscaped area along a county road and adopt it as their own to beautify and maintain. The group's commitment is to provide basic landscape maintenance—pruning, trimming, weeding and general cleanup—at least twice a year for two years. Groups can choose to add new plants to enhance their site. The county will install a sign or otherwise recognize the volunteers' efforts.

To learn more, contact Land Use and Transportation Operations at 503-846-ROAD (503-846-7623) or lutops@co.washington.or.us.




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