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March 2009

Grange News
Local Food Fair, building improvements
planned at the Grange

Leedy Grange, founded in 1903 by some of our prominent pioneers including H. Ross and Ida Findley and George and Mary Reeves, is moving ahead with renewed energy and new members.

In the early days, the Grange was a social organization that also helped farmers band together to promote political and other actions for the good of the community and farming. Today, with virtually no farming in the area, the Grange is finding new ways to serve its community by providing a space for activities and offering events that promote the general well-being.

It has always provided a means for us to work together to do things for each other and the community that none of us could do by ourselves. It’s a democratically-run group—we decide together what is important, and then we figure out a way to turn our attention into action. It’s particularly valuable in a community like Cedar Mill, where we have no city to provide these kinds of services.

Local Food Fair

The Grange has begun to organize a Local Food Fair for Saturday, May 2. The event will connect people to information and resources that can help them get more of their food from local sources. “Eating Local” is an idea that is stimulating interest among people around the world who are concerned with their own health and the health of the environment. (“Locavore” was the Oxford Dictionary word of the year in 2007.)

Experts will be on hand with information about the Farmers’ Market, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), home and community vegetable gardens, food preservation and cooking tips, with demonstrations and literature and items for sale.

Plan to attend the event and if you know of groups who should be participating, please let us know by contacting John Wickham at 503-466-1192 or by email john_wickham@beavton.k12.or.us

Improving the building

The hardwood floor in the main hall is just about worn out. However, we’re reluctant to put in a new floor, because the future of the building in its current location is not certain. Although the upcoming Saltzman Road improvements won’t affect the building this time, we feel that it’s only a matter of time before the road will need to take more space. So we have decided to clean and refinish the floor without sanding it, which would take off too much of the remaining surface.

We’re also looking at replacing the dining room floor, and eventually making some upgrades to the kitchen facilities.

Renting the Grange Hall

Rental of the building is picking up. It’s becoming a popular venue for teen parties, both private birthday parties and public dances. The Grange’s no-alcohol policy appeals to parents! And we’ve hosted several sales—our central location and easy parking makes it perfect for rummage and collectible sales.

Rental rates are $30/hr or $150/day, and we require a refundable $250 cleaning deposit and an insurance rider. A calendar on our website shows up-to-date availability. Visit the site at leedygrange.org for rates, calendar and contact information.

The Grange is open to citizens 14 years and older. Information on membership is also available on our website or by calling 503-629-5799.




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