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February 2007

Cedar Mill Shops is a pioneer in the Town Center

By Virginia Bruce

The Cedar Mill Shops on Cornell at Dale is the first new development to be designed to meet Washington County’s Town Center Ordinances. Requirements include building out to the sidewalk. In theory, pedestrian traffic will move along Cornell from shop to shop. Because this pattern hasn’t really established itself yet, the County allowed owner Robert Flecker to place the entrances to the shops facing onto the rear parking area.

The building was completed in late spring 2006. Pacific Security Capital, the original leasing agent, has been replaced by Barnard Commercial ( The first tenant is a tanning salon. “It was presented to be more of a day spa,” comments Flecker, a veterinarian with an office in Hillsdale, “but they’ve done it pretty tastefully.”

“There has been a lot of interest in the property,” he says. “We are being pretty picky. We know the community needs a good restaurant, and we’re trying to bring in an upscale tenant that will add to the neighborhood. A bakery is another option. There may be room for an additional business, depending on how much space the next tenant needs.”

Flecker, who participated in at least one of the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) meetings prior to Town Center road construction, is also involved in Hillsdale Town Center development. He says that being first isn’t easy. But he’s looking for more viable commercial property to develop in Cedar Mill. He doesn’t see the Town Center ordinances as a barrier to development but as an opportunity for Cedar Mill to become a vibrant retail center.

“We’re in early negotiations with three or four potential tenants, but it’s not too late if someone wants to get in there,” Flecker says. Barnard Commercial’s phone number is 503-675-0900.

Across Dale from Cedar Mill Shops is a lot that was formerly The Security Store. In March 2006 Mark Tiffee, owner of A Cut Above Siding, purchased the property and he’s been working with a land use consultant and an architect to develop a plan for the property. He says it will be a “European-style” building, with brick and masonry, to complement the style of the Cedar Mill Shops and A Cut Above’s headquarters.

There is a Clean Water Services wetland owned by Washington County between his present building and the new project. Tiffee would like to tie the new project visually with his current building and the wetland area, and plans to enhance the landscaping to accomplish this.

Tiffee, who was a member of the Cornell Road project PAC, cites Lake Oswego Town Center development as a model. His architect was involved in some of those projects. “The new building will probably be three stories, with some parking underneath,” he says. “The third floor will be dormer-style, similar to our building, so it won’t look really tall. There will be retail on the ground floor with office space above.” They are hoping to break ground in June for the new project.



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