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December 2006

Cedar Mill Park restoration December 16

With the amazing Weed Wrench, holly and hawthorne roots can be easily pulled out by anyone

The west and south margins of Cedar Mill Park, adjacent to Cedar Mill School on Cornell, contain a trail that winds through a lovely variety of native herbs, shrubs and trees. This space was originally planted many years ago by the Cedar Mill Garden Club. Unfortunately, it has also been colonized by some of the aggressive invasive species that we’re familiar with including ivy, hawthorne and holly, all of which will crowd out the natives if left unchecked.

Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District has been holding a series of restoration events, with the aid of volunteers from Rock Creek Watershed Partners and local groups such as scouts. Recently Starbuck’s has adopted the park as a sponsoring organization. They will be providing hot drinks and snacks along with volunteers to help with the work of removing holly and hawthorne with the amazing Weed Wrench. Cleared areas will be planted with an assortment of native plants.

This ongoing effort is making a big difference. There is almost no ivy in the park, although private property nearby is choked with the stuff, which kills trees if left to twine into upper branches. Natives that were planted last fall and winter are thriving, and the areas that were previously cleared remain largely free of invasive plants.

If you’d like to join in the effort, we’ll be in the park from 9 am to noon. Dress for the weather and bring a shovel if you can. Contact Virginia Bruce, 503-629-5799 for more information.


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