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Volume 6, Issue 11


November 2008

Library News and Events
By Dawn Anderson

Cedar Mill ranks high statewide

Based on statistics from the year ending July 2008 Cedar Mill has moved up in statewide rankings. Circulating more than 1.7 million items, Cedar Mill now ranks 6th for highest circulation of any library in Oregon: (1-Multnomah, 2- Eugene, 3-Beaverton, 4-Deschutes, 5-Hillsboro, 6-Cedar Mill). Cedar Mill remains in 3rd place overall in Washington County but tops the list for children’s material borrowing in the county and # 2 in the state after Multnomah.

Oregon Reads project celebrates Oregon’s 150th year of statehood

What if 50,000 Oregonians read the same book in our sesquicentennial year? 

Oregon Reads 2009 is a community reads program that will take place in nearly every public library and in every county in Oregon during the state's sesquicentennial, January through April of 2009.

The selected book, “Stubborn Twig,” by Eugene author Lauren Kessler, is the true story of three generations of a Japanese-American family, spanning across the 20th century in Hood River, Portland, and Eugene. 

For younger readers, “Bat 6,” by Virginia Euwer Wolff, and “Apples to Oregon,” by Deborah Hopkinson, have also been selected. 

All three titles are books with a uniquely Oregon focus; stories that convey an Oregon experience written by Oregon authors.

Starting in January 2009 and running through April, libraries across Oregon, including the Cedar Mill Community Library, will hold a series of events and programming centering on the selected books. There will be an online blog and book discussion groups available to anyone in the state through the Oregon Reads website www.oregonreads2009.org

All WCCLS libraries will have multiple copies of the selected titles available for check-out. Visit www.wccls.org and www.cedarmill.org/library in the weeks ahead for more information on this exciting program.

Calling All Immigrants!

As part of our celebration of Oregon’s sesquicentennial and our participation in the Oregon Reads program, Cedar Mill Community Library is planning to launch an oral history project that will podcast on our website beginning in January 2009.

If you are an immigrant to the United States—or the child of an immigrant—we invite you to share your family’s story with our community.

For more information about participating in this exciting program, please contact Lynne Erlandson at 503 644-0043, ext 132, or Mark Richardson at ext 131.




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