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Volume 5, Issue 11


November 2007

CMBA Meeting Notes

“Ten Minutes of Fame,” a new feature of the regular monthly meetings, was adopted and implemented at the October meeting. Responding to a suggestion from new member Charlene Fredeen of PrePaid Legal, Virginia Bruce, Administrator for CMBA, asked those attending the meeting for ideas for a fair way to select businesses for this privilege. Everyone agreed that choosing from collected business cards would be easy and fair, and Lauren McCabe of Cedar Mill Chiropractic Clinic was chosen to present at the November 13 meeting. If you’d like the chance to be a presenter, be sure to bring your business card to the next meeting.

Our guest speaker was Rob Charlton, owner of Charlton Engel Marketing. He told us that effective advertising occurs when you talk to the right audience, in the right “vehicle,” at the right time, with the right solution and incentive, and in the right language. A full-service agency like Charlton Engel can help you figure these things out, but small business can do a lot of it for themselves, he explained. He suggested starting with a critical examination of your business: what do you sell—drills or holes? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Then clearly define your audience and figure out what they have in common. Understanding this can help you figure out how to reach them. He concluded by saying that, “Advertising is like fishing. Don’t keep throwing the same old bait out there then cuss the fish because they aren’t biting.”

The next meeting will be at noon at the library upstairs meeting room on Tuesday, November 13. In addition to the presentation by Cedar Mill Chiropractic, we will hear about future plans and funding options for transportation improvements in our area from Blair Crumpacker, Senior Planner for Washington County’s Departrment of Land Use and Transportation. Free pizza will be provided, bring your own beverage.




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