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October 2008
Lost Park Drive

Only one Lost Park?

When Polygon Homes got ready to develop the Timberland subdivision on the former Teufel Nursery property, they wanted to honor local history by naming some of their streets after local landmarks. But unfortunately, one of the names they chose was Lost Park Lane. There is already a Lost Park Drive that forms a horseshoe east of 113th. There is also a park named Lost Park, which is probably the last remnant of the 30’s era amusement attraction of the same name.

The Teufel Nursery property was annexed into Beaverton before any development occurred. Beaverton planner Tyler Ryerson explained that the process of street naming included a review by “the City, Washington County, and the Consolidated Communications Agency. No agency objected to the street name.”

Lost Park LaneBeaverton’s Community Development Department considered the situation when it was called to their attention. Because of the different suffixes (Lane & Drive) and different street numbers, Interim Community Development Director Steven Sparks decided that it wouldn’t be a problem and declined to initiate a Street Name Change, which can be a lengthy process.

However Polygon Senior Vice President Fred Gast has assured us that because of community concern with the confusion that could result from having two streets with such similar names so close together, Polygon will pursue a name change with Beaverton. We appreciate Polygon’s continued willingness to work with the community!




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