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October 2008

Community Safety Day a success!

Neighbors in the area surrounding West Tualatin View Elementary School on NW Leahy Road have been concerned about pedestrian and bicycle safety for some time. Ruth Deal lives in the area and wants her children and others to be able to walk to school safely, so she spearheaded an effort to improve visibility by working with Washington County and her neighbors to clear overgrown vegetation that was blocking views.

Deal worked with fellow parents, surrounding homeowners, Washington County crews and even got QFC to donate refreshments for the event that took place on Saturday, September 20. Boy Scouts passed out flyers to neighbors that advertised the event and provided information about county sightline regulations. Washington County provided additional workers and free hauling for the trimmings.

Over 100 homes participated in trimming vegetation that had been blocking streets, corners, and sidewalks, increasing visibility for all walkers, bikers, and drivers. The theme was “We Want to See You”. Over eight large truckloads of vegetation was removed. 

The main goal of this one-time cleanup was to educate the area homeowners about county vegetation regulations in a positive and community-building way. It’s also part of a “Safe Routes to School” program that West Tualatin View is working on. The school has applied to the State’s program for Federal grant money that will be used to increase safety and make improvements at corners and on two main walking routes.




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