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October 2007

“And We Bike” campaign raises awareness

This past June, Tim O’Donnell, 66, was stuck and killed by a careless motorist while riding his bike with a group of friends on a rural road in Washington County near Cornelius. This tragedy brought increased attention to the safety of cyclists using Washington County roads. Tim’s wife, Mary, established a memorial fund to address this problem.

The Washington County Bicycle Transportation (WashCo BTC) in partnership with the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) of Portland announced the “And We Bike” Campaign aimed at raising awareness that the bicyclists they see are moms, dads, friends, neighbors and co-workers. In fact they could be yours!

The campaign consists of three major elements and will continue until November 1st when daylight saving time ends. Life-sized cutouts, like the one pictured here, are being placed in business, government and community lobbies with hand outs listing tips on how motorists can more safely interact with bicyclists, and what to expect from them.

“Burma Shave” events will feature five or more volunteers with their bikes standing alongside varying roadway intersections. Spaced about 50 feet apart, each holds a sign with a word on it like Mom, Dad, Friend, and Neighbor. The last person in line holds one that reads, “And We Bike.”

In addition, coalition members are attending CPO, NAC, City Council and County Commission meetings to present the message, encouraging leaders to bring this message to their constituency. Our goal is for motorists and bicyclists to “Share the Road” safely and with a greater understanding by motorists of how bicycles operate on the county’s roads. More information is available at www.andwebike.com.



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