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October 2006

Watershed Tales and Objects of Desire

Rock Creek Watershed Partners (RCWP) is holding its second annual fundraising silent auction on Thursday, October 12 from 5:30-9 pm at McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, 4045 N.W. Cornelius Pass Rd. If you love our watershed and want to do your part, you’ll find a roomful of like-minded neighbors having a good time at the event. Food and beverages will be available.

Items for the auction are being grouped into “Objects of Desire,” such as picnic packages, hiking packages, and will include original artwork by local artists.

The program will include Metro President David Bragdon who will share his views on the importance of watersheds and “21st Century Troubador” Mitch Luckett will entertain and inform us with stories and songs. You can learn something while supporting a good cause. “The Playing Cards” from Lewis & Clark College will perform acoustical guitar and songs between stories.

RCWP ( is a coalition of local area stream groups that look after all the streams in the Rock Creek Watershed, that drains the north end of Tualatin Valley. In the Tualatin Basin, the major source of water pollution is what is referred to as “nonpoint source” pollution. This consists primarily of the runoff (soap, pesticides & herbicides, pet waste and other pollutants) from homes and businesses in the area washing off into streams. Rock Creek Watershed Partners is dedicated not only to restoration projects but to educating homeowners about their part in the solution to water quality problems.

The mission of the Rock Creek Watershed Partners is to protect and restore a healthy watershed by turning citizens into active stream stewards. They believe that people want to live in a vibrant and healthy environment and will do the right thing if they know what that is. From restoration projects to homeowner education and neighborhood outreach, RCWP is here to help.

Some of the major accomplishments of the RCWP include funding an AmeriCorps volunteer coordinator position to further the goals of the group, hosting educational workshops, and playing an active role in the restoration of local parks and wetlands.

Funds raised at the auction will go toward hiring a new Stream Stewardship Coordinator and toward pursuing our other activities. Some of our funding comes from grants, but the support of people in our watershed and around the region is critical to our success. For more information, contact Virginia Bruce, 503-629-5799,


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