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Volume 2, Issue 10


October 2004

Cedar Mill History Project underway

The Cedar Mill History Project got off to a good start last month with a meeting on September 23. We viewed a web presentation on various components of the project. It is available at cedarmill.org/history-project

Old Cedar Mill Days could include a parade like this one in Sisters, Oregon,

We decided to meet monthly. The next meeting is on Thursday evening, October 21, 6:30 pm in the library’s Community Room. We welcome anyone who’d like to get involved, and we’d love to include the “old-timers’ in the community–folks who have been in the area since the ‘60’s or earlier.

The Oral History part of the project will commence this month with the help of John Wickham’s video students at Stoller Middle School. Students will interview and tape long-time residents at the school’s studio. Individual videos will be available at the library. Then the interviews will be used, along with historical photos, to compile “Ken Burns-style” productions to be aired on cable, copied to DVD for the library, to show at the JQA Young house once it’s been renovated, and for sale to raise money for the project.

We’ll highlight other parts of the project in future issues of CM News. If you don’t want to wait, visit the website and/or come along to our next meeting. For information call Virginia Bruce at 503-629-5799, vrb@teamweb.com




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