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August 2004

Area parks–improvements and plans

Danica Skeoch, THPRD Planning & Development

Summer is a very busy time for park projects around the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District. This summer there are two projects that will create new park and recreation opportunities in the Bethany and Cedar Mill communities, and a major facility north of Cedar Mill is being planned:

Foege Park

DaNeal Construction began work on Foege Park (pronounced Fay-gee), located on Cedar Hills Boulevard just north of Barnes, in early July. The project is going well and completion is expected in September of this year. Improvements to the site include the installation of a new play structure and two picnic tables as well as the fine grading and seeding of the lawn area. Don’t forget to visit the park this fall and try out all of the new site amenities! The park can be accessed from the bridge on 112th.

The Bluffs Park

Construction at The Bluffs Park is scheduled to begin in August of this year, with completion in late fall. New site amenities include a six-foot-wide gravel path from the Haskell Court entrance through the woods to the open meadow area in the park, and a swing set and play structure in the meadow area. The entrance to The Bluffs Park is located at the bottom of Haskell Court, off Big Fir Circle in The Bluffs subdivision.

Be sure to check the Planning & Development Web page at www.thprd.org for updates on Foege Park, the Bluffs Park and THPRD’s PCC–Rock Creek Recreation Facility, and information on other upcoming and recently completed park projects.

THPRD’s PCC–Rock Creek Recreation Facility

The Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District has entered into an agreement with Portland Community College (PCC) to develop and use (cooperatively with PCC) 25 acres of property located on the southeast corner of the College’s Rock Creek Campus property along NW Springville Road. The facility will consist of recreational amenities including: athletic fields, field lighting, tennis courts, parking, an interior multi-use trail system, creek enhancements, play equipment, irrigation, a community garden, and restroom/concession facilities. The facilities will provide park and recreation opportunities to the students and visitors who frequent the Rock Creek Campus, as well as local neighbors and the community at large.

The planning phase of the Rock Creek Campus facility is well underway. April saw the creation of a Public Task Force consisting of Rock Creek area business, athletic and neighborhood community representatives. The Task Force served as an advisory group to the THPRD/PCC Design Team that made recommendations and disseminated information on key project issues, design options, and a preferred Master Plan design. After four Task Force meetings and two open houses, the Master Plan created by our consultant W&H Pacific, with guidance and input from the Design Team and the Public Task Force, was put before the THPRD and PCC–Rock Creek Boards of Directors in July for review and approval. The Plan was approved by both bodies, and is now heading to Washington County for land use review and approval. The County is expected to grant the land-use later this year, putting the project one step closer to its anticipated initiation of construction date in mid-2005.



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