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Volume 2, Issue 8


August 2004

Cat shot dead on 119th

In early July one of Nikki Jones’ pet cats was found dead in their basement. So when another of her cats was found dead under a neighbor’s car on July 27, Nikki took the body to Rick White at Cedar Mill Veterinary Hospital. She feared a disease might be killing her animals. Instead, White found a .22 caliber rifle slug in the cat. It’s the only case of pet shooting that White has seen in the Cedar Mill area. Other local vets haven’t seen anything recently either.

Susan Field, spokesperson for Bonnie Hays Small Animal Shelter, had been busy with the recent Beaverton dog bite incident, but said no incidents of pet shooting had been reported to her agency either.

Sandy James, Washington County Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer, says that shooting an animal within the urban growth boundary is a crime. “It would be considered Aggravated Animal Abuse,” she says. The Sheriff’s office is investigating the incident, and urges anyone with information to call them at 503-846-2524.




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