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Volume 9, Issue 9
September 2011

Pedestrian path for Cornell this fall

Washington County Land Use and Transportation will widen the south side of Cornell Road between Saltzman and 123rd to provide space for a safe pedestrian path. The project will take two-three weeks, beginning in late September or early October.

The road will be widened about 1.5’, providing a six-foot shoulder that will accommodate the path. A large maple tree in the right-of-way will have to be removed. Modular block retaining walls will be constructed to replace the aging railroad ties currently holding up the roadway.

Lane closures are only allowed between 9 am and 3:30 pm.  Temporary right turn only provisions may be implemented on 123rd to help with traffic flow. The 210’ project is funded from the county’s Minor Betterments program.

This is great news for residents of the area east of Saltzman, who have been forced to walk on the narrow roadway to get to shopping areas and transit. A complete sidewalk from 119th to Saltzman is planned for Cornell’s north side, but construction is not expected to begin until next year.


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