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About Us

The Friends of Beaverton Creek was formed in July, 1995 as a result of an article published in the Backyard Bird Shop's newsletter.

Our focus is to Restore and maintain the health of the Beaverton Creek watershed.


About Beaverton Creek

Beaverton creek is one of the major tributaries to Rock Creek which drains to the Tualatin River. It flows almost 9 miles from its headwaters in the Tualatin Hills (Raleigh Hills area) northwesterly through downtown Beaverton to its confluence with Rock Creek near SW 231th Avenue. Its watershed encompasses a little over 23,000 acres and includes 6 other major tributary streams (Rock, Bronson, Willow, Cedar Mill, Golf, Hall & Beaverton's Johnson Creek).

As the area was settled and developed, changes altered the creek's course, its natural flood plains were filled, vegetated areas were replaced with impervious roof tops and pavement, and most of it was "channelized" into a straight ditch. Water that once filtered through the soil and naturally recharged the creek system now runs off quickly into the creek causing erosion, flooding, and sedimentation while flushing away necessary organic material.

This results in degraded fish and wildlife habitat as well as poor water quality such as primary flow amount, elevated temperatures, and increased nutrients and metals. Rapid growth in Washington County and increased auto use has also contributed to the pollution in the creek.

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