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What is a watershed?

Land that drains into a specific body of water, such as a river or creek. They are separated from other watersheds by ridge-top boundaries Also known as a drainage basin. In the picture, it is denoted by the dashed line.


What is Stormwater?

Stormwater is water that accumulates on land as a result of storms, and can include runoff from urban areas such as roads and roofs. See our Resources page on ways to prevent polluted stormwater

How much of Washington County's stormwater is treated before it enters our streams and rivers?



Located west of Portland, Oregon, the Rock Creek Watershed drains about 65 square miles of land. Rock Creek flows into the Tualatin River at Rood Bridge Park in Hillsboro, then joins the Willamette River.

Approximately 200,000 people live in our watershed. Major businesses in our watershed include Columbia Sportswear, Norm Thompson, ESI, Intel, Nike, and Tektronix.

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